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As some of you may already know, I co-founded a new media art pop-up gallery this winter called Blue Box Gallery. We had our first show in March, featuring the work of Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, and are planning another show in July. Right now, however, we’re working with a new restaurant called 4food on their restaurant opening. The restaurant features a 220 sq ft. LED screen, and we’ve been asked to curate a digital arts showcase to be displayed on the screen during one of the opening events.

So, that being said, please see our Call to Artists below! The event will be the last week of May or the first week of June (we are confirming the dates now). I would appreciate your help spreading the word about this, so please forward along to any artists you may know, artist communities or listservs. Thanks so much!

Blue Box Gallery Digital Arts Event at 4food, June 2010

Blue Box Gallery is currently seeking submissions for a multi-work digital art installation, which will occur in late June. The installation is intended for a one-night-only event that will take place at 4food (East Midtown, Manhattan), a brand new restaurant company with a focus on healthful fast food and an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The event will be one of several “themed” private events taking place during the restaurant’s “soft opening” period in late May/early June. These events—celebrations of 4food’s progressive new approach to “counter culture”—will attract a wide array of media outlets, local businesses, creatives and local tastemakers.
Oh…and did we mention there’s a 220 sq. ft. LED screen involved???!!!

Artwork Specs:

We are seeking digital artworks for display on a massive 11.5 ft x 20.2 ft (220 sq ft) LED screen, the centerpiece of the restaurant space (see digital renderings here). We are accepting all manner of digital art submissions (up to 4 works/person), ranging from software to video-based artwork and anything else relevant and appropriate for LED display. We will be selecting 8-10 works to feature during the two hour-long event.

Screen specs:
-       3520 mm x 6160 mm (roughly 11.5 ft x 20.2 ft, or 220 sq. ft)
-       Single face, full-color indoor virtual LED display
-       Resolution: 160 pixels x 280 pixels
-       Brightness: approx. 4000cd.
-       Scanning frequency: 1185 Hz.
-       Color processing: 15 bits
-       Software: LED managing software
-       System: Windows 2000, Windows XP
Materials for Submission: (Please make sure to title all documents with your full name!)
-       Artist CV
-       Link to Website (if applicable)
-       Video(s) and screenshots/image stills (if applicable) of work
-       150-word (minimum) abstract about your piece(s) 
-       Comprehensive list of any/all tech and installation requirements 

Please submit all materials to the Blue Box Gallery Drop.io account no later than May 21st,  2010.
Drop.io link: http://drop.io/hidden/mjdy3ton0upvs5/upload

About Blue Box Gallery (www.blueboxgallery.com)

Taking its name from a blue box, an early “phreaking” tool used to gain unauthorized access to telephone consoles, Blue Box Gallery aims to showcase contemporary artwork that redefines, remixes and reinterprets – in other words, hacks – conventional art-making practices. The notion of a “blue box” also makes a conspicuous reference to the “white cubes” of modern-day galleries and museums to which Blue Box acts as a foil, in keeping with hacking’s tradition of borrowing and appropriation. As a mobile gallery, Blue Box brings New Media art to a rotating host of alternative urban spaces.

Blue Box’s artists harness the potential of emerging technologies and re-imagine them in unique and innovative ways, all the while investigating the cultural implications of these new tools. Our artists are as much a product of the digital age as they are responsible for defining it. They are social surveyors, primed to examine the continuously evolving relationship between technology and culture.

About 4food (www.4food.com)

4food is a socially networked quick service restaurant company. Our mission is to bring fast food that’s fresh, delicious, and nutritious to all ages, lifestyles, incomes, and ethnicities. No fads, fillers, or anything artificial. We’re revolutionizing counter culture, in real-time.

Location #1 opens on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 at 40th Street and Madison Avenue, between Bryant Park and Grand Central Station — the heart of the highest density workday population in the US.

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